My sweet Sophia…

I am the world’s worst cat mom.

I adopted my sweet sweet Sophia over three months ago and have yet to write a post about her. Ugh! Here’s the short and sweet story about my precious cat:

After my first week at IU Southeast, a student came into the advising office to talk about how busy she’s been with classes and travelling. This particular student was concerned about her summer class grades, hence why she spontaneously dropped into the advising office. However, in the process of her venting about her stresses, she randomly asked if we knew of anyone looking for a cat. Apparently, with all her travelling, it’s too hard for her to care for her cat. I immediately sprung out of my office chair and said, “yes, yes, me me me! I am looking for a cat!” The student was in disbelief, she said, “Are you serious? I need a new home for my cat.” The rest of the story is history. After we figured out her summer class grade situation, I followed this student to her apartment to pick up this cat- previously named Jingles. The student told me Soph was previously a stray cat. The student rescued her, took her to the vet, fed her…. and 20 pounds later…Soph is now a healthy, spoiled, and lazy inside cat. Haha. I brought Soph home and it only took one day for her to warm up to me and Benjamin. Here we are, three months later, and Soph is still a healthy, spoiled, and lazy inside cat. She loves feathers, birds, sunbathing, eating, and sleeping. When it’s convenient for her, she loves to cuddle and be pet between the ears, under the chin, and on the nose.

All the hastags affiliated with my cat include, but are not limited to, #sweetsophia #catsofinstagram #divacat #sunbathing #sleeping #eating #petme #cuddleme #wherearemytreats #precious #queenbee

Anyways, please enjoy a few pics of my sweet Sophia! 🙂


The terrible cat mom.

Sophie 2Sophie

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