It’s How We React to the Uncontrollable.

“Often it is at our lowest points in life that we learn the most. We say, “God this is too much. Life has disappointed me beyond all belief.’…Those low moments are the magical moments. They are the beginning stages of our journey.”

-(Handbook for the Soul, Melody Beattie)

I am reminded of this most recently as I attempt to make sense of the confusion that dominates my heart. Things happen in this life we have no control over, but it’s how we react to the uncontrollable that shape us and keep us on this ever-learning journey. We are often faced with disappointment and hurt that takes over the root of our happiness. The sorrow and frustration infect our hearts and are immune to the positive thoughts we try to feed ourselves.

Often, mistaken selfishness can be a cry for selflessness. My heart breaks in disappointment because of your actions but cries out that God will touch your soul and use this accident as a life-changing lesson. Life is a blessing; an unique opportunity to define, discover and love. Unfortunately, we all take it for granted and I feel we are only reminded of how fortunate we truly are when someone loses their opportunity at life- or is close to losing their opportunity. We must cherish those miraculous moments when God is present and chooses to keep our loved ones here with us. We must value those moments when God gives us a second chance.

Although this post is more personal, I hope it’s a reminder to all. It’s at our lowest points in life when we learn the most. It’s the times that we go without when we have appreciation for what we have. It’s the moments we say goodbye that we cherish all of our hellos. It’s the close encounters that teach us value, meaning and the true depth of love.

*Dedicated to my big brother.*

Gamecock Country!

It’s been too long since I’ve written and it is beginning to take a toll on my thoughts and how I process everything! I thought time-management was my strength but come to find out, I haven’t even scratched the surface of managing my time. #gradschoolproblems!

Regardless, before I start writing at this absurd time of the night…or should I say morning…. I wanted to share a few photos from my weekend. 🙂 I am pleased to announce this past Saturday was the second collegiate football game I have attended, and my first University of South Carolina football experience. My first Carolina football game was USC vs. UAB. Please read more information below:

University of South Carolina vs. University of Alabama- Birmingham

Valuable Lessons from a New Gamecock Fan:

#1. Football in South Carolina is like going to church. Matter of fact, it’s socially acceptable and encouraged to dress nicer at a football tailgate than at church on Sunday morning. Yes, I mean pearls, dresses and heels. (Clearly I haven’t caught onto the “football is like church” fad, but my roomies sure have!)

#2. Only in Carolina is it acceptable to yell “Go Cocks” anywhere and everywhere!

#3. It’s not red. It’s not scarlet. It’s not brick-red. It’s not maroon. The color of Carolina is GARNET!

#4. No one knows the being behind the mask; the mask being Cocky.

#5. At home football games, don’t be surprised to see a “fighting chicken” perched up on the “Sir Big Spur” post. See below…

#6. Tailgating is an all day extravaganza even when kick-off isn’t until 8 PM. Be sure to rest up the night before because you can count on being up no later than 9 AM, ready to tailgate by 1 PM, in line for the stadium by 6:45 PM, hungry by 7:15 PM, and ready to yell at obnoxious students by 7:30 PM. At this point, the game hasn’t even started so don’t count on being in bed  before midnight because I hate to break it to  you- it won’t happen!

#7. Although I thought open containers in public were illegal in the States, apparently on “Game Day” it’s totally legal. Matter of fact, it’s practically illegal to not have an open container in public on “Game Day.”

#8. Any food you digest on Game Day is what I like to consider “Empty Calories.” Meaning, they’re completely empty of any form of badness for your body. Therefore, you can eat and eat and eat and nothing will effect your overall body image. It’s almost like you lose weight on Game Day… weird how that works!

#9. Last, but not least, I stop on lesson #9. Simply because the number nine is my favorite number. 🙂 To conclude, going to a football school is so much fun, but going to an SEC football school is an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything! Fight on Carolina! I’m proud to be part of Gamecock Country! 🙂

Me, Kate, Andy

Chanda Ray, Me

Me, Megs