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Before you get bored reading about me, I want to sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit and browse my blog. My blog is more of a hobby and outlet for me to write, share, inspire, be random, and ramble about all kinds of stupid shit. That being said, thank you for reading my nonsense, and I hope the least I can do for your time is provide a little laughter and a little love.

Side note: Yes, I cuss like a sailor. Yes, I am a classy ass woman. And yes, I can be both at the same time. If cussing offends you, you offend me. Judgment never looked good on anybody.

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My name is Courtney Carol Tipton Zeigler. My name is long and complicated because Tipton is my adopted name and Zeigler is my married name, both of which have great value and meaning to me. When I got married, I kept Tipton as part of my middle name, so my name writes Courtney C.T. Zeigler. If my name is too much for you, I get it. It can be a lot for me, too. For the sake of simplicity, I am also referred to as “CC”, “Blue Eyes”, “Court”, “Sis”, “Courtney Carol”, “Tiptonator”, or “Nana”. Whichever name you prefer, it really doesn’t matter to me. Just don’t call me a bitch.

I am originally from Lancaster, Ohio, which is a small country-like town 45 minutes southeast of Columbus lost in the abyss of never ending corn fields and cow pastures. I was raised by the hands of a hardworking father and giving mother, and surrounded by the love of close friends and family. Currently, I live in the French infused, bourbon capital, and horse-crazed city of Louisville, Kentucky. I love this place. I love Louisville. I love Kentucky. I love it so much I put one of those home stickers with the outline of Kentucky on my car. That’s a big deal. I’ve lived in several different places over the course of my lifetime, and I can confidently say I’ve never felt more at home than I do in this charming city. I describe Louisville as the perfect combination of that Midwestern personality and that sweet Southern charm. Being from Ohio and having lived a short time down South, I find Louisville to be a perfect fit.

Part of why I love Louisville so much is being part of the University of Louisville Cardinal community. I work at the University of Louisville as an Academic Counselor for the College of Education and Human Development. More specifically, I serve as a counselor, coach, supporter, motivator, enforcer, and information source to the elementary education students. It’s an honor to work with such a great team of advisors and directors, but it’s a true privilege to work with the future teachers of Kentucky. I love every aspect of my job. Well, minus the tedious and mundane administrative paper-pushing stuff. Either way, I never take for granted the opportunity to educate, inform, and impact a student’s life. My job allows me the fortune of 1) talking to college students, which I love; 2) educating and informing college students, which energizes me; 3) empowering and encouraging college students, which inspires me; and 4) watching students graduate and accomplish something they never believed possible, which humbles me.

Formerly, I worked as an Academic Advisor for the the School of Business at Indiana University- Southeast in New, Albany, Indiana. I cannot leave IUS out my introduction because it was my first full-time big girl adult life job out of graduate school. Not to mention, my IUS students are amazing and I miss them dearly. I received my master’s degree in higher education and student affairs from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. Although I am originally from Ohio, I did the majority of my growing up at the University of Tampa in Florida. At UT, I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in communications and advertising. Unfortunately, I am not pursuing a career in communications and/or advertising, so at this point in my life I like to call my undergraduate degree an extremely expensive, but worth it, accessory to my professional development.

I am a firm believer in living by some form of philosophy or motto. For me, I live by two guiding principles or philosophies that help keep me on track.

Personal: To be my most holistic self, I must live with integrity, creativity, intellect, vulnerability, confidence, adventure, and a love for all I do. Most importantly, I must live for my Creator; the one that makes all things possible. 

Leadership: I have learned the most about myself through my mistakes, and as a leader I take pride in knowing that I’m not perfect. I am confident and I am courageous, but I am not flawless. I am always learning, developing and thinking. I lead with integrity and truth and devote myself to a job and its entirety. Pride, although in moderation can be important, is a barrier to our successes. Vulnerability is a strength in which I embrace, and I believe that one cannot succeed without the help of another. 

I could write for days about all of the things I wish to accomplish in my lifetime, but I know as a reader you are 1) not that interested, and 2) don’t have the time to read about my lifelong aspirations. Therefore, I will give you the extremely condensed version of what I hope to accomplish in this gift I like to call life.

Professional: This is so fucking tricky and complicated to think about. I go back and forth all the time about what I want to accomplish professionally, and where I see myself in 5-10-15 years. Currently, I work in higher education and absolutely love what I do. Working with college students and being surrounded by extremely intelligent and academically motivated people is very fulfilling. However, federal and state funding for education is a serious issue in this country and because of that I get scared about my professional landscape in this field. Ideally, I would love to work my way up to a Dean or Assistant Dean of Students, or find myself working more in university development and/or business affairs. However, there is always a part of me that wants to fall into my dad’s footsteps and work with him in the franchise world. My dad has worked tirelessly building what is now Lancaster Wings, Inc., and nothing would make me happier than to work beside him and help him take the family business to the next level. Not to mention, my dad could use a fucking break. I also have thoughts about starting my own business, but again that’s complicated so I won’t get into it. Either way, I have passion, I have drive, I have ideas, and I have confidence. I just need to keep my options open, never turn a blind eye to opportunity, and have the courage to grow and takes risks.

Personal: This a rather loaded category. There are a shit ton of things I want to accomplish personally. I don’t have the body of a runner nor do I believe God intended for me to be a runner, but I get the best mental clarity and drive after a good run (slow or fast). I have participated in two half marathons. The first half marathon I walked and jogged, and my second half marathon I jogged the entire thing. My second half marathon was a pretty emotional one. Anyways, my goal is to keep jogging in road races- 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, and eventually one day I will accomplish a full marathon. Mostly, I just want to walk, jog, and run for as long as God allows me because of every step accomplished is a privilege we take for granted. I want to be healthy, physically fit and active, a good eater and appreciator of food, and always listening to the needs of my body. I want to buy kayaks for me and my husband and explore all the rivers, lakes, oceans, and other random bodies of water that we possibly can. I want to be well-versed, well-read, and well-cultured. I want to travel as much as I physically and financially  can. I want to visit all 50 states in the U.S., I want to go on an Alaskan and Caribbean cruise, and I want to visit London, Paris, Greece, New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, and Spain to name a few. In a perfect world, I would love to go on a Eurotrip and make a special stop in Germany to visit where my ancestors lived. I want to explore parks, stores, restaurants, bars, roads, and all the eclectic places that make for good stories. I want to make money, save money, and share my money. I want to join a non-profit organization that focuses on children, families, and/or education or just create my own non-profit. This is just the start of my personal “to-do list” for this life.

Relationships: Always keep building them, maintaining them, and cleaning them out. Build your relationship circle with people that build you up, motivate you, positively challenge you, and never let you feel bad about being yourself. Most importantly, never take your relationships for granted.

Spiritual: This is a constant matter of development. To clear the air, I do not consider myself religious. To me, religiosity isn’t something that aligns with my moral and ethical values. Just because someone is “religious” doesn’t mean they are closer to God. To me, the majority of religious people are furthest from God than the non-believers, but that’s a discussion for another day.

If you continue to read however, you will know that I consider myself a Christian, and someone that is very spiritual. To me, being Christian and being religious are two separate things. I am Jesus-centered and a strong believer in the gospel and grace of the Lord, but my actions do not merit God’s praise. God’s grace is ours no matter what we say, do, think, feel, or know. My life is centered around building my relationship with God and acting on His love; not boastfully but with grace that I am not trying to “win” His love, but that I already have it.


Although I am not the best, I enjoy writing and crafting. Writing allows me to organize my thoughts, and say things more clearly than I can in person. Crafting allows me to be creative in a world where, sometimes, creativity can be lost in translation.

I like to think I’m a fun person. I’m free-spirited, down to earth, easy going, and love adventure. I have flaws…many of them to be exact. But I am not sorry about my flaws nor ashamed of them. I’m extremely OCD and a neat freak to the point of insanity. I love adventure…..but planned adventure. Spontaneity is not in my chemical makeup. I do not live life by the edge of my seat. I have plans, and plans within those plans, and backup plans in case those plans don’t turn out. That confused me, too! But you get my point!

I love my friends, I love my family, and I love my husband, Benjamin.

I would do anything for the people I love, and yes, that includes risking my life for their life. My heart is bigger than my body, and often leads me to heavy disappointment. But that disappointment has molded me into the person I am today because I have learned from my mistakes and have grown from my heartaches. Happiness is not a goal, but a lifestyle I choose to live. Life is too short to be unhappy. I roll with the punches, intelligently manage my emotions, work through the shit that’s been handed to me, and strive for resiliency.


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