My sweet Sophia…

I am the world’s worst cat mom.

I adopted my sweet sweet Sophia over three months ago and have yet to write a post about her. Ugh! Here’s the short and sweet story about my precious cat:

After my first week at IU Southeast, a student came into the advising office to talk about how busy she’s been with classes and travelling. This particular student was concerned about her summer class grades, hence why she spontaneously dropped into the advising office. However, in the process of her venting about her stresses, she randomly asked if we knew of anyone looking for a cat. Apparently, with all her travelling, it’s too hard for her to care for her cat. I immediately sprung out of my office chair and said, “yes, yes, me me me! I am looking for a cat!” The student was in disbelief, she said, “Are you serious? I need a new home for my cat.” The rest of the story is history. After we figured out her summer class grade situation, I followed this student to her apartment to pick up this cat- previously named Jingles. The student told me Soph was previously a stray cat. The student rescued her, took her to the vet, fed her…. and 20 pounds later…Soph is now a healthy, spoiled, and lazy inside cat. Haha. I brought Soph home and it only took one day for her to warm up to me and Benjamin. Here we are, three months later, and Soph is still a healthy, spoiled, and lazy inside cat. She loves feathers, birds, sunbathing, eating, and sleeping. When it’s convenient for her, she loves to cuddle and be pet between the ears, under the chin, and on the nose.

All the hastags affiliated with my cat include, but are not limited to, #sweetsophia #catsofinstagram #divacat #sunbathing #sleeping #eating #petme #cuddleme #wherearemytreats #precious #queenbee

Anyways, please enjoy a few pics of my sweet Sophia! 🙂


The terrible cat mom.

Sophie 2Sophie

One can only pray.

It’s unfortunate really. The news that is.

Just today, I am so graciously informed by the local broadcasters that ISIS terrorists are increasing in numbers, in strength, and in threat. Just this week, ISIS decapitated an innocent American journalist. If my memory serves me correctly, that American journalist wasn’t the first to have his head CUT OFF by this disgusting group of pigs we call ISIS. To make matters worse, these pigs film the beheading so people worldwide can see just how barbaric they really are- and to somehow prove they have leverage and power. If you want my honest and ever so humble opinion, I think the scums that make up the ISIS group are pathetic pig-like douchebags crying for help. Sorry you dumb shits, you get no pity from me. The only people in relation to you that get pity from me are the people that raised you. Shame on them and shame on you. What you will get from me is prayer. I will pray so hard for your pathetic people that every night you go to bed, your heart, your head, and your soul hurts as bad as the people you’ve harmed. God has a will for your people, it is not my place to understand that will, but you must know He has a powerful will that demands peace, love, and grace. May peace be with you, and may the power of Chrsitian prayer consume you.

Even more aggitating, the leaders of this country have only managed to accomplish profound speeches about what they plan to do about the ISIS murders and threats, but still nothing has been physically done. Oh wait, that’s right, the members of NATO found time on their busy “peace-keeping” schedules to come together to talk about what they plan to do with this ISIS group. Again, if my memory serves me correctly, I remember a few weeks ago the same group of world leaders sat around the table to discuss Russia’s latest stupidity….that was productive.

In other news, I am reminded that professional athletes busted for drug abuse and domestic violence get more news coverage than the murders, discrimination, bullying, and injustice that creep our streets. Granted, professional athletes are high profile individuals, but it certaintly doesn’t justify glorifying their poor decisions and making them a week’s worth of  newsworthy news. Also, spare me ESPN with your “everyone makes mistakes” bullshit. Continuing with my news updates, a young boy is missing in Green County, Kentucky, and I know he’s not the only missing person in this country. Seven young girls were molested over a span of five years from an ice cream truck driver. Last week, a baby girl was shot to death on her mom’s front porch. A local college woman was stabbed to death and left in the woods. A state trooper was hit and thrown 10 feet while at a traffic stop along the highway- the driver that hit the trooper was a druggy. Two people were recently busted for possession of high quality meth and marijuana. Our politicians can’t seem to find a way to campaign without insulting the opposing candidates. The Ebola virus has reaked havoc on the people of Africa, America, and others- every day we see pictures of people suffering, attempting to recover, and hanging on to the last moments of their life. I can’t possibly keep up with the celebrities getting married, divorced, adopting, committing suicide, and/or being accused of corruption, lying, drug use, violence, and taking naked pictures. And if it couldn’t get worse, the leaders of major non-profit companies are stealing your money with every donation. I don’t think I need to expand upon the Ferguson protests and the death of Michael Brown.

I know you’re already exhausted reading this rant, but sorry friends, it doesn’t stop there. In airplane news, who has the right to incline? Really? And in the last six months, how many flights have crashed, made emergency landings, or made pitstops to kick people off? Too many to count. To avoid sexual harassment and the possibility of rape, college students have to go to the extreme of carrying a mattress around campus as a form of protest, and creating a nail polish that changes color when detecting date rape drugs. The debate of samesex marriage is ingrained in everyday news now because the political leaders, religious leaders, and citizens of this country are reluctant to allow humans to marry other humans. The sad part about all of this, most of what I talked about is just happening in Kentucky- minus the few worldly items I mentioned. I am not even scratching the surface of corruption in this world we call home. I am an avid news watcher and listener. I wanted to be a journalist. I watch and listen to the news every morning. I try my absolute best to stay informed and up to date with today’s current events, but it’s just too much. It’s too much to keep up with and it’s too much to bear.

Millennials are faced with such harsh criticism for being such a disengaged generation. We are disengaged with religious organizations, politics, and current events. Apparently, we are only passionate about social media, fashion, sports, and getting a college degree in order to get a job. Quite frankly, given everything above, do you blame us? Religious organizations have been in constant battle since before our time. They contradict the very beliefs they stand on in order to fight for what’s right or wrong. Not to mention the judegment. What makes us, as millennials, want to be part of such an organizaton? As far as politics go, seriously? How can we make an educated political decision when everytime we read, watch, and listen to political news- it’s bias, packed with lies, far from the truth, out of context, no significant details, and no one wants to make it easy to understand or research. And current events, need I say more? What is enticing about hatred, illness, injustice, and the loss of hope? Why subject ourselves to the darkness that has come over this world?

This post is the product of an internal war inside myself. So much of me is hungry for information and details- but the more information I know- the more information I don’t want to know. I am in a love hate relationship with every news source I encounter. I am constantly in conversation with God asking why. Why the corruption? Why the injustice? Why the hatred? Where is the compassion? Where is the courtesy, decency, love, and hope? All I find myself doing is praying for everyone- from world leaders to people with no homes. It just seems the past few years, the bad has just far outweighed the good. There is no profound ending to this post other than a call for prayer. This world we reside so desperately needs prayer. Please, if you took the time to read any of this post, please just pray for our people.

With love,