Love Does

Love Does- Brandon Heath

This one goes out to the world changer
Shining your light in the face of danger
Oh, tell us what you know
You’re a saint, you’re a son, you’re a promise keeper
Bottom of the well, still digging down deeper
Oh, how far you gonna go

Chasing down hope
Moving on dreams
Taking that path
Maybe it’ll lead you home
Maybe it won’t

Nobody knows why your heart is broken
Nobody cries while your prayers are going up
But Love does
Nobody walks on the road you’re paving
Nobody sees all the souls you’re saving
Oh, but Love does
Love does

Friday morning listening. This song is one to help you conquer the day. If you’re a lyrical person like myself, then you would appreciate this song. My challenge to you: listen to the lyrics and think about your motivations. Are you motivated to impress others? Are you motivated to be better than others? Are you motivated to impact? If so, then please let these lyrics sink into your soul.

As I have written about before, it’s human instinct to compare yourself to others and be motivated by such, but human instinct isn’t an excuse in my mind. Motivation should be pure. It should be influenced by love, faith, and the intent to better yourself based on your experiences in life, interactions with others, and relationship with God. When you listen to this song, I hope you have a better understanding of where I’m coming from. “Nobody cries while you’re prayers are going up…Nobody walks on the road you’re paving.” Think about it. Nobody cares, but love does.

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