My Holiday Break Bucket List!

This list is an ever-changing compilation of items that I wish to accomplish over my holiday break. Please note, these items are not in a particular order in which I wish to complete them, and some items may be subject to change based on financial reasoning and practicality. This list can only be added to and never subtracted from. What is not accomplished over Thanksgiving Break will carryover into Christmas Break, and documentation of my bucket list accomplishments will take place right here!

1) Day date with my best friend, Sarah.

2) CLAMS Dinner and Drinks Reunion.

3) Columbus Zoo Christmas Lights.

4) Attend the OSU vs. Michigan Game.

5) Enjoy an evening with the Hatters.

6) Enjoy an evening with the Zeiglers.

7) Lunch or dinner date with Roo.

8) Visit Chanda Ray for a weekend in D.C.

9) Double Date with Fantastic 4.

10) Pay It Forward plan. (See next post for more details.)

11) Night on the town with Papa and KJ in Columbus, Ohio.

12) Dinner date with parents.

13) Day date with mom.

14) Visit Lauren for a weekend in Chicago.

15) Fun date or weekend trip with my love.

One thought on “My Holiday Break Bucket List!

  1. courtneytipton says:

    Unfortunately, this is a delayed response, but I can officially cross off #2 and #4. 🙂 My best friend was able to get me a ticket to what seems like the biggest rivalry game in the country: OSU vs. Michigan. The game was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and it was every bit amazing!

    Also, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, CLAMS finally had a reunion. We got dinner at Fiesta Tropicana and followed it up with drinks at B-Dubs. I miss our CLAMS group so much, but I am so genuinely proud of the women we have become.

    Anyways, look for more updates later! 🙂


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