A Day in the Life of Court on 2.18.12

Happy Saturday everyone! Not sure how you woke up this morning, but I woke up to my roommates screaming for me to get out of bed. Not always the most pleasant way to bring in the new day, but I love them anyways….even though they are absolutely obnoxious. Haha. They know my feelings about them so don’t worry, I am not saying anything they don’t already know. Regardless, they woke me up because we had a flag football game to play!

Last fall, we created a flag football team to compete in the flag football intramural games. We were Team Back That Pass Up. We had the most amazing jerseys of anyone that played, but they did not influence any wins. Needless to say, we lost miserably, but it was all fun. The picture below is our team. 🙂

Anyways, this spring, UT Intramurals thought it was a great idea to have a weekend flag football tournament, so my team and I signed up! Why wouldn’t we? We needed to put our jerseys to use one more time! This morning was our flag football game, and I must say it was a success! I don’t think I would blog about a loss, so you take your guess- WE WON!!! Surprisingly, we all played rather well. Don’t laugh, but the “TIPTONATOR” (that’s me), caught the ball three times and grabbed two flags! Haha. It may not have been the most gracious game to watch, but Team Back That Pass Up tore up the field this morning. I wanted to share the win with my readers, hence this little post. Our winning picture is below. 🙂

Well, I am going to have to peace out now and do something more productive. Saturday is my only day to catch up on the things piling up on my desk. Hope my readers have a fabulous weekend. If you have anything you would like me to blog about, shoot me your comments! 🙂 Much love.

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