Job Update!

Job AnnouncementFriends,

I am extremely excited to share with you that I have officially accepted a full-time position as an Academic Advisor for the School of Business at Indiana University- Southeast. I have gone through some significant positive changes in the past two years of my life, and have met the most amazing and compassionate people. I would be remise to say that I won’t miss my colleagues at the University of Louisville and the University of South Carolina, but I know those friendships will continue to grow. I am grateful to all my supporters and mentors, and couldn’t be more appreciative of those that continually believe in me and have patience with me. Thank you.

As I reflect on all that has happened over the past two years, I am so humbled by God’s love and ability to intentionally bring people and opportunities into your life. You are foolish in thinking for even a moment that you have any control on the outcome of your life. God has already predestined you to encounter the things you’ve encountered, struggle with the things you’ve struggled with, and meet the people and opportunities that have molded you into the person you are today. My faith in God and His unconditional love and grace has been the one constant and strength in my life. He is a merciful and powerful God.

In closing, I just want to thank all my family, friends, colleagues, and mentors for your support, encouragement, and patience. I am excited about this new personal and professional opportunity, and can’t wait for the new relationships, mentorships, and life lessons to be had.





A rather boring update on my life.

Sad to say I haven’t taken the time to write since New Year’s Day. However, a lot of positive changes have happened  in my life in the past few months, and I feel the need to share an update with my fellow readers. For those that don’t already know, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky just before Christmas to start a graduate assistantship with Housing and Residence Life at the University of Louisville, but most importantly to be with the love of my life. I am still graduating from the University of South Carolina with my master’s in higher education and student affairs, but am just finishing my last two elective courses at the University of Louisville. I made a rather non-traditional decision within my program to leave early, but I don’t regret it for a single moment. I have truly enjoyed my assistantship experience this past semester, and have appreciated the time away from chaos to do a little soul searching and job exploration in the city.

In February, my birthday weekend to be exact, I took my master’s degree comprehensive exam! Sure am happy to share that I passed, but that was one heck of a stressful birthday celebration. Now that I have passed my comprehensive exam, I have hit a serious road block in academic productivity. In case you were curious, senioritis is a true epidemic. Haha. Anyways, I’ve been trying to muster up the motivation and energy to finish out these last two courses. I have also been pretty heavy into my job search. I would love to continue working with Housing and Residence Life at the University of Louisville, but the job openings are looking pretty slim. Either way, the job search has been a true test of my faith. Fortunately, I know in my heart that God has a very special plan for me and my entry-level job, so I just need to be patient and trust that He will see me through.

Although school and work keep me pretty busy, I’ve been trying to establish a social life in the wee hours of my weekdays and weekends. I have met some pretty awesome people so far, and am truly enjoying the friendships I’ve developed with colleagues. I am also trying to sell my beloved first car, LOVABLE. She’s gotten me through the best of the best and the worst of the worst, but am ready for an upgrade after our seven year driving affair. It’s been a bitter sweet process. I practically broke down last night over trying to get her sold and trying to find a good deal on a new vehicle. Those that enjoy car shopping, there is something truly special about your brain because I have not enjoyed this process in the slightest. Anyways, if you’re interested in a new car, my beloved beauty is a winner.

I had the pleasure of experiencing my very first Kentucky horserace this past weekend at Kenneland with some great friends. It was an absolutely beuatiful day, and the races were epic! Pretty cool experience if you’ve never been. Not to mention, the Lexington, Kentucky area is some of the most beautiful countryside you’ll ever see. Not to change the subject, but to change the subject… Benjamin and I are officially furniture owners! I am not talking hand-me-down furniture; I am talking brand new furniture owners! Pretty exciting stuff- minus the money we spent. However, proud to say we stayed within budget. To change the subject again, my good friend, Kelsey, and I got to present at a national conference for our profession this past week. It was an honor to have been nominated to present! Such a cool experience.

In other really freaking exciting news, my best friends from home got engaged at the beginning of March! HUGE SHOUT OUT to my best friends Sarah Graf and Kyle Sipos for getting engaged and being an amazing role model for true love and happiness. I am truly honored to be standing next to my best friend as her Maid of Honor, and am super freaking excited to be part of this new journey with them.

Well, friends, I think that’s all I have for now. Hopefully, if I can remember, I will share another update early this summer- pending Courtney Carol Tipton becomes a full-time employee at a bad ass school or company. (Job prayers are very much needed and appreciated right now! Haha.)

With hopes of being a better blogger,


A new journey…

Hello friends,

It has been way too long since I last wrote; August to be exact. Need I remind you, this is January of a new year. I am absolutely ridiculous!

Anyways, I figured I would share what’s new and exciting in my life because a lot has changed over the course of a semester. Since I last wrote in August, I have completed my second to last semester of graduate school at the University of South Carolina, managed to land myself a 4.0 for the semester, established some pretty awesome friendships, presented at a regional conference with one of my best friends, ran two 5Ks, ran one 10K, got talked into registering for a half marathon, and moved to Louisville, Kentucky. Whewwww. It has been one long, stressful, and anxious semester, but going into the best holiday of the year (Christmas) so many prayers were answered. I couldn’t be more humbled, grateful, and appreciative.

Now, allow me to break down my list a bit. I have ONE semester left of graduate school. For those that don’t already know, I am in the Higher Education and Student Affairs master’s program at the University of South Carolina. Anyone considering higher education as a profession should seriously consider the HESA program at USC. I have absolutely loved my experience, and have met the most amazing people and established the greatest friendships. Anyways, I only have two elective courses and a comprehensive exam standing between me and graduation! I see the finish line, but it’s safe to say I have a pretty bad cramp in my side hindering my motivation to run any faster. Regardless, here’s to hoping this semester will be as good as others!

The second point about having a 4.0 doesn’t really need any elaboration. I was mostly just excited that I pulled it off because I was certain a 4.0 wasn’t in my future when I submitted my last research paper. Haha.

Friendships. Friends play an enormous role in my life. I have learned so many life lessons from my friendships. I made some amazing friends at the University of Tampa while I was an undergrad. Shout out to all my Spartans! Sorry for not keeping in touch the way a good friend would, but please know you’re in my thoughts and prayers always! My friends in HESA are some of my closest… shout out to all my Gamecocks! A very very special shout out to JB, KJ, CBall, Phillip, Asian, Ry, Laura, Andrew, Kate, LoCo, Jackilla, and Hayley. Another big shout out to  Romey, Carlier, Beggs, Katie, Jewels, Samurai, Humphrey, Denny, and Gilly. I know I am missing people… no hard feelings please. I am just so unbelievably blessed by the friendships listed and not listed. Taking it back a bit, I am so grateful that my friendships from high school are still flourishing. Through the weird days as teenagers, high school graduation, going away to college, college graduation, the summers in between, the parties in Cincinnati, and the always memorable riding parties- we’ve been through it all together friends! I love you all so much. Last, I am so excited for the friendships to come with colleagues, neighbors, classmates, and friends of friends here in Louisville.

I promise I’m trying to keep this short and sweet… well, drop the short and keep the sweet. 🙂 Moving on to the next bullet point on my list of updates: running. Oh, running! Running and I have a love hate relationship. I absolutely hate it while I’m doing it, but the feeling after a long run is so exhilarating. Anyways, one of my dear friends (Amanda) talked me into running a half marathon. I am so glad she talked me into it because I’ve always wanted to run a marathon… so this will be a GREAT pre-cursor. Haha. With a gallant effort to get in shape and start running more, I completed two 5 Ks and a 10K this past semester. I ran all three races straight through (minus a short walk to during the 10K). For me, it was a huge accomplishment, and I am super excited for the half in April. Wish me luck!

Last, but certainly not least, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky two weeks before Christmas! I applied for a full-time position working with Housing and Residence Life at the University of Louisville, but unfortunately did not get the position. However, the Director of Housing decided to offer me a graduate assistantship working directly with her and the leadership team for the spring semester. My goal was to be job searching in the Louisville area, so the opportunity was perfect! I am extremely excited to have been offered the graduate assistantship position. I am finishing my last two electives at the University of Louisville while I work as a graduate assistant for Housing and Residence Life. 

I have a feeling 2014 is going to be another great year! But then again, it’s all in our attitude, right?! If you keep up the positivity, do what you need to make a change, and commit to making yourself and others happy- then 2014 will be your year, too! Praying that God answers your prayers, and wishing you all the happiest this new year.

With love,


Just a little update!

As January comes to a close, I want to give a shout out to all those sticking strong to their new year resolutions. Awhile back, I posted a video about “Something New for 30 Days.” If you haven’t watched it at this point, I highly encourage you take the time to check it out. Point being, if you have maintained your motivation this long, chances are your changes will start to become habits in your daily life. According to the video I posted, it takes approximately 30 days to change or start a new habit. So keep it up my friends! The new year is still fresh, but it’s never too late to change. 🙂

Keep Calm

Speaking of resolutions, I, too, have been trying to keep myself motivated and instill better daily habits in terms of work, homework, working out, my relationships, and more importantly, my faith. Yes, I admit, I have allowed my faith to fall to the wayside, and I have not invested the time necessary to grow more in God. In that, I am truly ashamed. As I look back, I have made nothing but excuses about being detached from God, and quite frankly my selfishness is distastefully unsettling. Going into the new year, I wanted to dedicate this year to the year that I grew closer to God and His love. Not only that, but I wanted to listen more intently to His plan for my life, and better educate and reflect on my beliefs as a Christian.

Often times, life gets the best of us. Our faith seems to melt away bit by bit with every annoying phone call, lengthy email, angry driver, rude teller, and other frustrating  inconveniences. I know you understand what I mean; the grace of God can easily be forgotten when your here and now isn’t so convenient or pleasant. (If you don’t understand what I mean, then it’s safe to say you’re inhuman.) Regardless, it’s okay to lose sight of your faith or set of beliefs. If your beliefs weren’t ever challenged, then they’d stand for nothing, right?!

In sticking with my resolution, I started attending church with a good friend of mine. I have always used the excuse that Sundays are my homework days or days to sleep in. Better yet, I used to not go to church because I assumed all churches had this stigma that if you didn’t go every Sunday, become a member, join a Bible study, and etc. that you weren’t really wanted. Well, my friends, I am wrong. Granted, I know church isn’t for every believer, but trust me when I say there is a faith community out there for you somewhere. In the few weeks I have been attending Midtown Fellowship, my heart has changed. My perspective on church, my faith, my beliefs, and my intentions has completely transitioned. The best way I can describe it… On Sundays, I used to drag myself out of bed to try and make it to church just to get sidetracked and never really go. Since attending Midtown and gaining this new perspective, I cannot wait for Sundays to get here. Going to church has become something I need more than something I want. And that is a matter of the heart I pray happens to everyone.

(This post is somewhat of a tangent and I apologize. I hope you can take insight from it without feeling like I am completely wasting your time.)

The perspective that changed my heart is as follows:

Your actions do not merit God’s praise and love for you. In the book of Galatians, Paul goes to the churches of Galatia and shares with them the gospel from Jesus Christ himself. He says to them that the gospel is truth, and they need to rid of the teachings before them. In the gospel that Paul shares with the churches of Galatia, he says that God’s grace has already been given to us through Christ Jesus. The rules set out by the churches for its believers does not deem them closer or more in love with God. Meaning, we already embody the grace of God because Jesus was crucified for our sins. Matter of fact, God is insulted by those whom think superior of themselves because they follow a set of rules set by their church organization. And if they follow those rules, they are somehow closer to God or God somehow loves them more. Paul preaches that it doesn’t matter how “good” you do, you receive no more love from God than the man that “sins.”

The pastor at Midtown couldn’t have delivered this sermon more to me than if he stepped off the stage and stood right in front of me. My entire life has been consumed with being the best, doing the best, accomplishing the most, and so forth. Through my “good” actions, I was under the falsehood that I was earning more of my parents’ love, my friends’ love, my neighbors’ love, and God’s love. When this entire time, I have been the one living in sin. I have been the one insulting God, and falsely perceiving his grace and unconditional love. Matters of my heart have been with false intention. I haven’t been doing “good” because I wanted to, I have been doing “good” because I was trying to prove something. Sitting in church and hearing the pastor share with us that God loves us unconditionally completely changed my world. God doesn’t love us because we do more or do less, He loves us for us. Before we were even brought into this world, God already blessed us with his grace through Jesus. Jesus died for us so that we could live in peace with our sin and repent, and the beauty of our God is that He is forgiving even when we don’t ask to be forgiven. And when we live through grace, we don’t do things because we are trying to “prove” something, we do it because that’s what our heart tells us to do- it’s what God is calling us to do.

With that, I share with you a few quotes from the sermon:

“God’s smile to us is not based on our performance; it’s based on Jesus’ performance.”

“Don’t compare other’s weaknesses to your strength’s to build your spiritual resume.”

“If it’s grace, then it’s the giver that gets the glory.”

“God set in motion the plan to save you before you even existed. God saved you by grace and keeps you by grace.”

“The law cannot motivate you to act from your heart. God motivates us by His grace not the rules.”